Jasper S

Jasper S

Jasper is co-founder of Grab Digital and an expert copywriter. He's taken a thorough interest in personal development and devoted to creating a rewarding lifestyle through discipline and passion.
The One Thing you can do for your business and email markeitng
The One Thing

What's The One Thing that will make your day better than yesterday? As Bruce Lee said, be as water. Water only has one goal, and that is to flow wherever gravity takes it.

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Email is 49 Years Old. Should You Still Use Email Marketing in 2020?

All the answers to your email marketing questions. Read this quick & comprehensive guide to help you understand what email marketing is and how it can massively benefit you.

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How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email for your eCommerce Business

How to make the most stunning, memorable welcome email that makes your audience look forward to your next emails.

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What is an email flow?

What is an email marketing flow, and why is it important for your business? Should you even care about flows?

How to grow your business with email marketing
How to grow any business with email marketing

Every business in 2020 needs email marketing. It doesn't matter whether you're B2B or B2C, in the corn industry or selling tech. Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel out there.

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What is a pop-up?

What is a pop-up and should you use it for your online store in 2020? Learn about the types of popups, software, and best practices to increase conversions for any web page.

Why should I do email marketing
Why Should I Do Email Marketing?

What's the point of email marketing? Why the heck should I care? (Here are just a few reasons why you should, like 95% of other businesses.)

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3 Ways To Stay On Top Of Email Marketing Trends In 2020

Stay on top of your email marketing game with these 3 tips in 2020. Email market like a boss.

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What is a Bounced Email?

What is a bounced email and how do I lower it? Learn why bounce rates are important and the steps you can easily take to reduce them.

6 Ideas for your next email marketing campaign
6 Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Are you stuck deciding what to do for your next campaign? Here's a simple list of easy ideas to get you inspired.