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How Grab Digital Increased Framed Tweets' Annual Revenue by 22% within 2 months

increased sales within 2 months
Return on Investment
Framed Tweets

Framed Tweets is an online store that curates a selection of tweets from celebrities, politicians, comics, and just plain old interesting or funny people, all printed on high-quality paper with archival ink and placed in an ornate golden frame.

  • Wanted to grow beyond word-of-mouth marketing
  • Looking for a successful engagement method after failed ads
  • Needed a way to pinpoint customer demographic
  • Seamless integration with Grab Digital’s services
  • Referral, survey, and upsell emails
  • Continual communication between Zach and Grab Digital
  • 2.3% growth in email opt-ins
  • $33,000 increased revenue within 2 months
  • 3,300% Return on investment

About the Client

Serial Entrepreneur

In 2017, Zach Katz, a lighthearted musician and idea man, didn’t realize he was playing with a six-figure idea: “Framed Tweets.”

It was as simple as it was genius. He would find a funny quote on Twitter, and frame it with a museum-worthy, ornate gold frame—“Your tweets, imagined as fine art.”

The passers-by outside his NYC apartment adored his one-man stand, but more importantly, his Framed Tweets. Zach saw this and wanted to make more than a few neighbors laugh; he wanted to bring the whole world laughter so he took his business online.

Within two years, his side hobby skyrocketed into a $300k per year business.

"There's nothing better than making people laugh!"
Picture of a Framed Tweet


Finding a way to scale beyond word-of-mouth

As Zach’s business grew, he encountered his first big problem: his sales were capped by word-of-mouth marketing because every customer was unique. In other words, customers would buy once and never shop again from him.

“I was selling, but I had no idea who I was selling to.”

This crippled his customer lifetime value, and he had trouble pinpointing his target audience using ads because of their wildly diverse demographics. Their political views, salaries, locations, and buyer personas were on all ends of the spectrum. 

This was Zach’s biggest roadblock, and his growth plateaued.

“After this business took off, I realized its enormous potential to scale if I could reach my target audience… but I couldn’t. Ads, shares, and likes couldn’t break me out of ‘survival mode.’ Everything I tried seemed like a dead end.”

Zach needed a long-term growth strategy that would help him reach his audience and scale his business.

“My business sells one product with many variations, so my targeted ads would only reach a handful of people before failing. They were a waste of my time and money. I didn't know what to do, but Grab Digital did”


Converting Shoppers Into Repeat, Paying Customers

Before discovering Grab Digital, Zach was not familiar with the nuances of email marketing. As a novice, he tried using the stock email templates provided by CM Commerce, an email automaton for eCommerce stores. 

The results? Negligible. With a measly 0.05% conversion rate, Zach’s confidence in email marketing was quite low to begin with. Luckily, he didn’t give up, and looked for an email marketing agency that would fit his needs.

“To be honest, I picked Grab Digital because they had much lower prices than other agencies and required basically no commitment. It was a great starting point for me to get a sample of professionally-made emails with a minimal investment.”

Zach started with Grab Digital’s "Full Service" plan. He connected with Jasper, co-founder of Grab Digital, who mapped an email strategy based on Zach’s blind spots.

“Jasper surprised me. I explained to him that I had difficulty reaching customers outside word-of-mouth marketing; rather than agreeing with me that it was a weakness, he explained that he would develop an email strategy using its weakness as a strength.”

Jasper and his team built referral, survey, and upsell emails in accordance with Zach's requests. This way, retargeting and word-of mouth marketing would be used to Framed Tweets’ advantage. In short, people liked Zach’s products, but never had a reason to talk about them. A successful email campaign would give them that reason.

The results were immediate and, for once, successful.

Not only did the emails’ performance thrill Zach, they restored his confidence in reaching his audience. He would finally be able to reach them with personalized emails based on their buying patterns, and incentivize them to share their own favorite tweets with their close friends. The wind was back in his sails. 

“The biggest business mistake I’ve ever made was not investing into email marketing earlier.”


A 3300% Return on Investment, Happily Ever After

By the two-week mark, Zach’s understood that his emails, once implemented, would work for him until the end of time.

His jump in open and click-throughs meant a continually increasing stream of buying customers that would be connected directly with his campaigns,. He would no longer have to spend a single penny looking to buy ads elsewhere.

The resulting growth in revenue was massive: Before email marketing, Zach earned $120 per year. After email marketing, he was earning a cool $33,000 per year, or $2,750 per month.

“I’m impressed with the professionalism, quickness, and the touch of magic Grab Digital displayed in working with me, but I’m beyond impressed with how they managed to increase my total business revenue by 22% in 2 months. They gave me a full tour of their processes, but I was still speechless.”

Though Zach later went off to sell his business for six figures in order to travel the world, he disclosed that he would gladly hire Grab Digital for his next big idea.

“Without a doubt, I will get in touch with Jasper and Grab Digital next time I have a million-dollar idea. Their work is indispensable, and I can’t recommend their services enough to any online store."

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