What You Get with Grab Digital

At Grab Digital, you get beautiful, branded emails that help your brand connect & convert your audiences.

See our two steps to cultivate a long-term partnership that delights both you and your customers.


Step 2: Submit your email request

Step 1: Onboard

Schedule a call with us to see how we can help your business grow. After subscribing and completing a 10-minute on-boarding questionnaire, you'll be directed to the "Email Request Form." Mention as many details about as you'd like to help us craft the email to your liking. You can request unlimited emails.
Step 3: Get a beautiful email that converts

Step 2: Get Email

We complete one request at a time. Within 5 days of your request, we send the completed email straight to your inbox in your desired format. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide unlimited revision requests on all emails!

Did You Know?

Your Customers Are Waiting To Hear From You

91% of US adults like to receive promo emails from companies they support. Your customers want to hear from you!

Checking Email Is A Lifestyle

55% of US adults check their emails in the morning before work. It's no wonder email marketing has 4x higher ROI than other marketing channels.

Automations Earn Money While You Sleep

Flows are the bread and butter of email marketing. They work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the end of time, averaging a 20%+ uplift in revenue.

Dedicated Strategy Calls

We talk customer journeys and buyer motivations. Then, we then we fill out a shared marketing calendar so you can keep tabs on upcoming emails.

Full-service Email Marketing

We're a passionate team of email experts who work tirelessly to help our sustainable clients reach their marketing goals. Being your brand's extension looks a little something like this:

Generate revenue while you sleep with automated workflows.

One-off campaigns for sales, promos, holidays, and everything else in the world of marketing.

Beautiful designs and expert copywriting that carry your brand voice and aesthetic.

Cater to every individual customer journey with proper segments.

Save time, money, and a whole lot of stress with your own email marketing department.

Every aspect of your marketing strategy and execution is tested, optimized, and tracked for improvement. The sky's the limit!

All The Best Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Out of the box Klaviyo set-up with your online store
  • Regular strategy calls to plan upcoming sends
  • Branded popup creation with A/B testing for best results
  • Unlimited revisions on all emails until you're happy
  • Filters & conditional splits to maximize revenue and improve KPIs
  • Email scheduling & sending to engage your customers at the ideal time
  • List cleaning to keep spam rates low and customers happy
  • List segmentation to boost engagement and decrease unengagement
  • Monthly reporting to bring you fresh data and find improvement areas
  • The list goes on... book a call with us to learn more!
We are hyper focused on growing your email ROI

Our Agency Services

All plans have a professional email designer

Fully Managed Email Marketing

Get professional email design

We'll manage all aspects of email marketing for business growth. We'll work with you to determine what's the strategy we'll move forward for your business.

Conversion email copywriting

Conversion Copywriting and Expert Design

Get amazing conversion copywriting

We have an expert copywriter to write the best content, in your style, to connect with your audience and increase conversions.

Our designers have worked with other agencies and have impressive portfolio with Fortune 100 clients.

Get 3 email revisions

Collaborative Approach

Get unlimited revisions on our emails

Our experts know the frustrations from agencies wanting to "do it their way". We don't operate on that philosophy and are with you every step of the way.

Our email plans all have a money back guarantee

Experience with any email campaign

No risk. We guarantee your money back if you're not satisifed after your first delievered email request and before you submit your second request.

Our experts have experience any type of email. Whether its an email for your Amazon FBA business, B2B or B2C email marketing, Amazon email marketing, re engagement email, or getting ready for a holiday email campaign blitz, we have you covered.

Our email plans all have a money back guarantee

No-risk, 30 Day Free Trial

No risk. We guarantee your money back if you're not satisifed after your first delievered email request and before you submit your second request.

Try us for 30 days, free. If you're still not satisfied, we'll provide you with a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked.

See if We're The Right Fit to Grow Your Business

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We have money back guarantee

Email Services FAQ

After onboarding, what's your process?
What's our process after signup?

Week 1 - Onboarding: If we're the right fit for each other based on your free consultation call, we move quickly. We first gather your brand info, then set up a kickoff call to discuss growth strategies we think will be best for your business. This includes list growth, content plan, and reporting and analytics.

Week 2 - Review First Drafts: This is where you focus on other important work while we absorb your brand and craft your core email look & style from scratch. Then, we'll we ask you for your feedback until things look perfect to you. Remember—you get unlimited revisions on every email because our priority is to make sure you're thrilled with how they look.

This is where we ask for your feedback to perfect, so you get unlimited revisions until you're thrilled. . Every month, you can expect monthly reports on your growth metrics. We do all the heavy lifting for you, but we welcome collaboration if you wish to be involved in this process.

Week 3 - Sit Back & Earn: Once you've approved the final drafts, we implement them into Klaviyo and send them for you. We'll be in touch regularly with you to ensure that our work is aligned with your marketing goals. At the end of every month, you'll receive monthly reports on your growth metrics.

Book your free consultation here to see if we're a good fit!

Do you charge a flat or performance fee?
We have a money back guarantee policy with no questions asked

We provide flat-rate pricing tailored to deliver unmatched results for your eCommerce business

What's your money back guarantee policy?
We have a money back guarantee policy with no questions asked

We offer a no-risk on-boarding policy, which allows you to cancel your subscription and get a full refund—even after we've created an email for you!

Try us for 30-days, risk free. If you're still not satisfied, simply let us know, and we'll provide the refund. Your refund will be processed, hassle-free and with no additional charges.

What ESP do you work on?
Need additional email marketing services not offered? Let us know

We work in Klaviyo, the most powerful email marketing platform.

If you already have an account set up, great! We'll take it from there.

If you don't have a Klaviyo account set up, that's no problem at all. We'll help you set it up.

Set on using your existing ESP? We can do that too—talk to us about it.