How to grow any business with email marketing

How to grow your business with email marketing
April 23, 2020


Every business in 2020 needs email marketing. It doesn't matter whether you're B2B or B2C, in the corn industry or selling tech. Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel out there.

How to grow any business with email marketing

If you want to grow your business audience, reach, and revenue with one thing, it’s in email marketing. It’s so profitable that your industry is hardly relevant. This might sound like a lot, but 49% of businesses use some form of automated email marketing. We suggest you hop on ASAP.

Email marketing is the most lucrative marketing channel that exists in 2020. It leaves Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, cold-calling, cold-emailing, billboards, sponsored posts, etc. in the dust. This post shows you how to do this from beginning to send—in order. 

Before you can email

You must capture leads. In other words, you need to find people who willingly accept your email marketing. Unlike Facebook ads which can be shown to everyone for a set price, there are several regulations against email spamming that have more severe consequences than other mediums (namely, spamming and ignoring unsubscribe requests). In order to capture leads, you must have a lead capture form, or a signup form. 

A well designed email capture form is important
Lead Capture Form

It’s a blank text box that can be put anywhere on your webpage to prompt people to enter their information. You can also see our post on how to create a high-converting popup on your webpage. What you do with your audiences’ information is tantamount to the success of your campaigns. Capturing their names will increase your open rates and the personability of your emails. Capturing their birthdays will allow you to send them birthday deals, and most importantly, you must capture their email addresses.

Confirm your audience

Before you start sending your beautifully designed welcome flows and discount emails, it’s best to ensure that you’re sending the right email to the right people. This can be done by a 2-step optin either on the popup with a captcha, or a confirmation email that lets them manually click “OK” to accept your future email marketing. This is important, because otherwise you could end up spamming someone else’s email inbox after your customer types their email in wrong. That would increase your spam rate and decrease deliverability. 

Create flows

Now, for the most work-intensive part of this process: flows. Also known as an email workflow, or drip campaign, flows are a series of automated emails usually sent by a timed trigger. In other words, a flow is a series of emails your audience will receive in a sequence. (This should not be confused with “email campaign,” which is a one-off email send.)

The most powerful program to create an effective campaign is Klaviyo, which is why we use it. But other email service providers (ESPs) like Omnisend, Mailchimp, Drip, and CampaignMotor. 

Anyway, now that you’ve designed a lead capture form and 2-step verification, it’s time to create your flows. 

We recommend starting with a Welcome Series flow, which is the first emails a user will receive after opening their emails. If you included an incentive (discount, eBook, course, etc.) in your lead capture form, your users will open their first email with expectations to receive the value you promised. You have full autonomy with your email creation, but standard practice is to keep it clear, punchy, and value-filled to build trust and rapport with your customer. We recommend sending at least 3-10 value emails in the welcome series to further build trust, and only send a proper sales email after they’ve opened the sequence. These emails can contain tips about your product use, fun ideas for them to play with, contests, referral programs, etc. Provide value!

Welcome series emails can set the tone

We suggest you build an abandon cart, seasonal, promotional, newsletter, survey, and upsell flow afterwards as well. Klaviyo has a hyper-segmentation feature that allows you to take users down a custom sales path based on their behavior. For example, a customer that signed up for a discount may receive a different sequence of emails with more discounts, while a newsletter email will have newsletters. 

To reference how most emails look, is an excellent website that showcases the talent of many email creators. Check out our email generator to create custom, high-performing campaigns for your business.

A/B test

After you’ve begun sending out your email campaigns, always A/B test. Take the highest performing emails and continue testing them. You should only change one variable in the email to keep your experiments controlled. With patience and time, your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates could easily double. 


In a matter of days, you could set up an automated system that generates significant revenue with your customers. Once the system has been created, it will continue working on its own, like a full-time employee that works 24 hours a day! If you don’t have time or energy, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

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