How to Grow Your Small Business with Email Marketing

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November 4, 2021


Email Marketing is your strongest weapon in sustainable business development. Here's how to use it to grow your small business.

How to Grow Your Small Business with Email Marketing

Email Marketing is your strongest weapon in sustainable business development

Main Objectives

Let’s face the fact that the biggest hurdle for any small business is to engage customers and gain more sales. Initially, many business developers focused on advertising and PR based contracts. As a small company, you might have the investment to run your company for six months without sales. What are you putting all that energy into it for if there are no gains?

After-sales and profitability, the second most important concern for any business should be sustainability. Grab Digital’s mission is to “leave the world a greener place than we found it.” It's easy to access the address book of the city and send letters or advertising broachers to every address. This sounds like a good idea theoretically, but you are using a lot of paper, running machines for printing, and at last, all that will ultimately add to pollution. Gone are the times when companies could get away with the enormous carbon footprint. Anti-pollution authorities now mostly take action against companies with a dangerous level of carbon footprint. Consumers now prefer companies with sustainability in their values. They will buy consumer items anyway, so why not from a company that takes care of the environment.

Let’s crush both hurdles with one hammer: Email Marketing

Ultimate Business Saver

Email marketing is the most sustainable, cost-friendly and convenient marketing method ever. Thanks to email marketing, you don't have to waste tons of paper or pay printing press or delivery service. All you need is one person who can collect all the emails from databases and another person who can email everyone regarding your business. You can also outsource email marketing to marketing companies for effective marketing.

Email marketing is also cheaper than video advertising on television. Moreover, more people are using their smartphones instead of sitting next to their television. Irrespective of your target audience, one thing that makes us all similar is that we check our phones more than we check anything else. Professionals especially check their emails every day. Email marketing can not only bring new customers to your business, but it can also help with client retention by sending them updates about new products and discounts.

Let’s make email marketing work for you!

Pro Tips for Email Marketing

Do business owners typically ask that when they have other accessible mediums like social media marketing and video sharing, why must they invest in email marketing? Well, clients don't trust everything they read on social media, nor do videos have a good return on high investment. Blogs are also in the line for being a good marketing source, but getting so much content written and published for one call to action isn’t appealing. Moreover, the blog reader may leave reading before reaching your call to action statements. On the contrary, email marketing is profitable, professional and trustworthy. You can expect an insane return for investment in email marketing, and you don't even have to spend millions.

1-Offer Reinforcement

No one, including your customers, wants to do anything for free, so why don't you offer some incentive to them to become your loyal customers.  You can offer free eBooks or product discounts to customers if they subscribe to your email newsletter. Offering small incentives may seem like a small marketing stunt but hugely impacts customer retention and engagement.

2- Keep It Convenient

If your sign up forms are not prominent enough to be seen, they will likely be neglected by the customers. A simple call to action in the marketing email is more effective than fancy wording or long storytelling. Don't ask for excessive information in the email newsletter signup form because it makes things complex, and clients hesitate to provide a lot of personal information.

3-Creative Content Can Keep It Cool

Few clients quickly notice that all your emails are only promotional in nature, so keep your emails more client-centered than business centered. Change content styles, wish them on festive occasions and offer relevant information. Add some humor and catchy lines to gain the attention of the clients. It's essential to keep the quality of emails high and quantity low because no one likes their inbox full of hundreds of emails a week from the same company.


Marketing is necessary, but pollution isn’t. Email marketing is the key to sustainable marketing. Profitability and sustainability are integral goals for a business and can be achieved by one marketing strategy, i.e. email marketing. Grab Digital strives to help all sustainably focused companies reach their marketing goals. Looking for an actionable guide on how to do email marketing by yourself? Our free guide to email marketing is here at your rescue. Want to outsource email marketing? No problem at all; contact Grab Digital to have a free discovery call for more guidance.

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