6 Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

6 Ideas for your next email marketing campaign
March 10, 2020


Are you stuck deciding what to do for your next campaign? Here's a simple list of easy ideas to get you inspired.

Let’s be honest: Almost everyone has access to the digital world, and it doesn’t make things any easier for us digital marketers. 

Where once was a desert where no minds had roamed, is now an over-saturated oasis of knowledge. 

It’s hard not to feel that everyone has roots in everything, and that everything you produce will sound cliché, but please, don’t let your hopes down. 

Here are some figurative spurs of inspiration to kick-start your next email marketing campaign. 

1. Feature Your Customers

Semantic satiation. You know that weird feeling you get when looking at a word for too long that it loses its meaning? Most business owners have said and read the names of their business to this radical extent of disconnection from meaning. However, when the spotlight of focus shifts from “me me me” to “you you you,” magic happens. When you ask 100, 10,000, and 100,000+ of your valued audience to share their most creative ideas or images, you’re bound to get more perspective than you asked for. 

Feature your customers

2. Host a contest

Offering an incentive is dangerously effective. This is suggestion #2 on steroids. Use it at your own peril (or benefit). What can you showcase about your audience?

3. Try a New Medium 

The whole reason why you’re here is to spice things up a bit, so let’s spice things up a bit. I’ll start by equivocating here: Though adding a YouTube feature when you only send text-based emails can be a tad obtrusive, changing up your format in a tasteful way can be hugely beneficial. That being said, always A/B test. Formats: videos, GIFs, text format changes, high resolution images, interactive format (moving images, ___________), and print if you’re feeling audacious.

4. Celebrate an Under-appreciated Holiday

“It’s finally that time of the year—Dr. Seuss Day!” Pick your national holiday from this list and ad-lib a celebration with your audience!

5. Create a Poll

By now, you’re probably seeing a common theme on this post: Listen to your audience. Your business is an ecosystem of living, breathing beings. Making mechanical decisions takes life out of it, so it would be wise to see what your audience is looking forward to. 

6. Host a Live or Recorded Webinar About Your Grassroots

Who are you? What questions do people have about you? What are you like? What was your journey like? How much work did you put in? There are a myriad ways to build hype for an upcoming launch. If people like your brand, they’ll like you. And they’ll want to know more. 

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