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Why should I do email marketing?
Email marketing can be a crucial source of growth for all industries.

If you’re in biz for the money, you need email marketing. Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more; the average email marketing return on investment is 122%—4x higher than any other digital marketing channel; and it is the most direct, personal channel of communication a business can have with its customers.

What does Grab Digital do?
Email marketing can be a crucial source of growth for all industries.

On a monthly subscription, we provide unlimited fully-written, designed, branded, emails based on your custom requests.

In other words, we're an email genie. We grant your wish for any type of email, as many emails as you want, as many revisions as you want, and then we'll implement them right into your email service provider (or email them to you in HTML).

If you're not satisfied with our service within 7 days, even after receiving your first email from us, you can take it and run. We'll still give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Who is this service for?
You should send 1-2 weekly email blasts to keep your customers up to date

Anyone who wants stunning emails that connect and convert! Startups, small businesses, large businesses, and agencies alike need good emails. Our job is to provide them.

How many emails should I send a month?
You should send 1-2 weekly email blasts to keep your customers up to date

The standard for each industry changes. However, the standard across most eCommerce businesses is 1 weekly blast every month. No more than 6 emails a month. These emails keep subscribers in the loop about business news, events, and promotions.

What kind of returns can I expect?
You should send 1-2 weekly email blasts to keep your customers up to date

In short, good returns. Our clients typically see a 5-25% increase in their email marketing revenue after working with us. That range is massive because your ROI varies greatly depending on your industry, list size, goals, email type, sending period, and several other marketing-related factors.

Email Marketing Lingo

What is an "Email Request Form"?
What's an email campaign? It's actually just a one off email you send to customers

Our Email Request Form is a short online questionnaire with basic questions about how you want your email crafted. Think of it as a design brief or a project request.

It will ask questions such as, "What type of email do you want?" and "What do you want this email to be about?"

What does "campagin" mean?
What's an email campaign? It's actually just a one off email you send to customers

In email marketing, a "campaign" is a one-off email; it's a single, standalone email. This is often confused with an email "flow" (see below).

What does "flow" mean?
A flow is also known as a drip campaign

An email "flow," also known as a "workflow" or "drip campaign," is a series of automated emails that are triggered to send based on a person's behavior. It can be as short as 2 emails, or it could be as long as the number of emails you are willing to make.

The names of email flows are usually self-descriptive. For example, a "welcome series" flow is a series of introductory emails to greet your list for the first time.

What does "list" mean?
What's an email list?

Every person who signs up to receive your emails is automatically put onto a list. The people on the lists are also known as "prospects" or "leads." These lists are stored in your (or our) email service provider, and they contain the the information each user provided, or the behavior they exhibited, upon signing up.

What is "segmenting"?
How do you segment audiences?

"Segmentation" or "segmenting" is the organization of your email lists into custom categories. These categories are usually based on a user's behavior.

What does "blast" mean?
A blast is sending off a one-off email to a large number of people in the list

We refer "blast" as the action of sending a one-off email to a large list simultaneously.


Do you have a free trial?
We have a money back guarantee

We do not offer a free trial. However, we offer a no-risk on-boarding policy, which allows you to cancel your subscription and get a full refund—even after we've created an email for you!

Simply let us know, and we'll provide the refund. No questions asked. Our "Unlimited" plan subscription can be cancelled at any time, hassle-free, with no additional charges.

Do you any other fees?
We do not have any email setup fees

Nope! Our Unlimited plan is only $499 per month, final. (No fine print, gimmicks, or extra charges!)

What's your money back guarantee policy?
We have a generous money back guarantee policy

We have a 100% money back guarantee policy if you're not satisfied after the first email we've delivered to you. You have the option to request a full refund with us within 7 days of receiving your first email.

Do You Do Website Design?
We don't do website design

Although we have lots of experience with web design (we've built this site from scratch ourselves), we don't offer web design services in our plans.


I'm interested. What's your process?
Our email process is super simple from signup to receiving the end product

1. After subscribing to our plan, you begin a 10-minute on-boarding process. We'll ask you basic questions about your business to get a sense of your branding, style, website and type of voice you'd like to project.

2. Once onboarded, you may begin your first email request! We provide you with an "email request form" with all the fields to request your email. It is submitted directly to our copywriting and design team. You can request an unlimited number of emails.

3. Once the final deliverable is complete, we'll send it over to you via email for review. From email request submission to the first review, our timeline is 5 days. If you're satisfied, we'll implement it directly into your ESP so you can start sending. If you're not satisfied, simply respond to our email with your revision requests. We'll get the revised copy to you within 1-4 days. You get unlimited revision requests for free.

Please note, if there are gaps in the information provided and we are unable to immediately begin working on your email, then our delivery timeline may take longer than 5 days.

What types of campaigns or emails can I ask you to make?
You can ask us to make any email

Anything—you have complete creative freedom on our email request form.

As long as it doesn’t break our Terms of Service, we’re free to assist you with newsletters, welcome campaigns, shopping cart abandonment, promotions, holidays, event updates, etc. The sky’s your limit!

What category of emails should I request?
You can ask us to make any email

If you're unsure, check out our email strategy tool or browse online resources for guidance.

Can I really get unlimited requests per month?
Yes, we offer unlimited email requests

Yep, feel free to put in as many requests as you'd like and they'll be added into your account backlog. Once we complete an email, we'll get started working on the next one right away. It'll take 5 days to complete one email. If you need any edits, we offer free unlimited edits.

What if I’m not happy with the email and need edits?
If you need edits, then let us know! We have unlimited free email revisions

We promise to do our best to make quality emails, but we’re also fallible. Therefore, we offer unlimited revision requests to our email campaigns. Even if you want to completely change the email, we'll do it. The turnaround time for each revision request is 1-4 days.

Do I own the emails Grab Digital has created for us?
Emails created are yours to own

Yes, you have complete ownership of all the emails we produce for you. Please note that we may also use the non-sensitive emails in our portfolio and advertising, as stated in our privacy policy. Please contact us if you have a personal request regarding this matter.

What email service providers do you work with?
We are a klaviyo agency, mailchimp agency. Really, we work with any email service provider on our pro plan

We work with 40+ ESPs. That means we implement the completed email directly into your ESP, so long as it is on the list below (popular ESPs are bolded):

Acoustic Campaign, Act-On, ActiveCampaign, Amazon SES, AWeber, Benchmark Email, Braze, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Dotdigital, eSputnik,FreshMail, GetResponse, GetResponse360, Gmail, HubSpot, iContact, Iterable, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, MailClickConvert, Maileon, Mailganer, Mailgun, Mailigen, Mailjet, Mandrill, Marketo, Mautic, Moosend, Ongage, Outlook, Pepipost, Postmark, Salesforce MC, SendGrid, SendinBlue, Sendloop, SendPulse, SharpSpring, SparkPost, Tripolis, UniSender, Zeta, Zoho Campaigns

In order to implement them, our account managers first need to securely obtain either your ESP login credentials (via phone) or your API key (via email or phone). This will be done during the onboarding process.

If your ESP is not on the list, we will share the final files with you in HTML and you can upload and set them up within your ESP -change links to jpg/hosting

What if we don't have any email marketing at the moment?
If you don't have any email marketing for now, don't worry! We have you covered

If you're new to email marketing and don't have an existing ESP set up, we suggest you get started with one of the 40+ ESPs our servcies are compatible with (see previous question).

What if I need additional services not offered int the plans?
What if I need additional email services not offered?

If you need additional services such as effective email campaign strategies and other ways to optimize your growth via email marketing, we'd be glad to help you out!

Feel free to schedule a call with us by clicking here.


Who will be working on my account?
Who will be working on my email account

We will assign a a dedicated email account manager to your account. From answering simple inquiries to full revision requests, they are the experts and will be your primary point of contact. However, if you feel dissatisfied with their oversight or any point in the process, it will be handed up to either Nelson or Jasper (co-founders), who will contact you directly about your concerns.

Where is your staff located and are they fluent in English?
Our staff are fluent in English

All of our staff are fluent in English. We have amazing people working for us in North America, Europe and Asia.

Do I have to provide you with content for emails?
We can provide the content for emails

Nope! However, the more instruction and information you provide in the email requests, the more guidance our team has to make better emails for you.

We provide all the copywriting and design work and, at any point, you have full discretion to ask for revisions to help us match your brand voice better.

For images, we would prefer to use visuals provided by you—especially for product or service related shots. However, for visuals such as memes or unrelated content to your business, we’re happy to provide that for you if requested. Take a look at some of our previous work!