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How we boosted Rogue Industries' total revenue by 21% within 30 days

Project Brief

Wells Lyons at Rogue Industries is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the small town of Standish, Maine. Using nothing less than the finest leathers in America, he designed and patented the front pocket wallet.

After being featured in the New York Times, Forbes, International Business Times, and GQ, Wells made over 400,000 sales—at the expense of working 70-hour weeks.

Wells’ ambition didn’t stop there, though. He collaborated with Grab Digital to tap into his existing audiences through email marketing. Prior to our partnership, he made nearly 1% of his total revenue through email marketing in the previous year.

Within one month of signing on with Grab Digital and having his welcome series revamped, Rogue Industries saw a dramatic 30x increase in flow revenue ($55 /week to $1,700/ week).

The single automated welcome email Grab Digital created for him is projected to increase his ARR by a minimum of $54,960—and that was only his first email!

Furthermore, Grab Digital redesigned and A/B tested his email signup form, increasing his audience capture rate by 12x, from 10 people per week to over 120 people signing up per week.

Rogue Industries’ total revenue from email marketing increased by a substantial 21% (from 1% to 22%) in their first month with Grab Digital. Needless to say, Wells was beyond pleased with these results.

Not only did working with Grab Digital serve as a revenue powerhouse, the partnership also saved Wells an overwhelming amount of time.

As a full-time business owner, he had no time to work on learning email best practices, let alone strategizing, writing, and designing branded emails for his business. Grab Digital took care of every step in the email crafting process, from strategy-to-send.

Moving forward, Grab Digital aims to increase Rogue Industries’ revenue by a healthy 40% by the end of 2020.

Get emails your customers are eager to open. Every single time.

Attract. Connect. Convert. Repeat.

We formulate an email strategy for your business

Beautiful, Branded Emails that Stand Out

Surpass your competition with stunning emails that carry your brand's voice and aesthetic. Crafted with expertise, backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions.

Don't let your klaviyo pricing go to waste! We create unlimited emails for you

Fully managed email marketing

Our email marketing specialists will strategize, write, design, and implement your whole email process. Simply approve the final drafts you like, and we send it for you!

We create emails for you. If you're not happy, we'll give you your money back guarantee!

30 Day Trial Period.
Risk Free.

If you're not satisfied within 30 days, cancel anytime and get a full refund. No questions asked.

Over 300,000,000,000 emails are sent a day. We help your brand cut through the noise.

Step 1: Onboard with us. We'll craft expert email workflows and automation strategies
Step 2: We'll work directly with you or your marketing team to craft targeted emails for your customers
Step 3: We'll keep you updated on KPI's and where we see opportunities to enhance your brand's email experience for customers
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Email nurture campaigns, ESP marketing we do it all!
Need emails for your GoDaddy site? We do GoDaddy Email Marketing
Amazon email marketing, Hotel Email Marketing, Insurance Email Marketing, we do it all!

Earn a minimum of 20%+ of your total revenue through email marketing with us.

Email marketing is a powerful tool when used properly, so our experts use best practices to supercharge your growth with every single email.

Expect a revenue increase by 20-40% within 4 months.

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All email marketing plans include

What To Expect

In 4 months time, our email marketing services grow your email revenue by up to 50%. We'll coordinate email marketing efforts by setting a foundation, establishing effective email workflows and automation strategies so your email marketing is on autopilot and working while you sleep.

Month 1

Foundational Email Workflow Setup
• We'll set up automated flows to send out a welcome series campaign to engage new email subscribers
• Create and implement a proven workflow strategy to recover abandon carts, and engage shoppers to come your store.
• Work with you to know your audience and understand your objectives. We're not looking to take control over your email strategy - you know your customers better than anyone else. We'll work collaboratively with you to set up an email strategy that's right for your customers.

Email Capture Popup
• We'll create a beautiful, non-intrusive email capture popup to attract customers into providing their email addresses when visiting your site. You can expect to collect up to 11-23% of your site visitors this way.

Tested Email Campaigns
• We'll prune and activate your unengaged subscribers and implement email campaigns based on the email strategy we've collaborated with you
• We'll set up email templates for your business with different branded layouts

After 45 days, you can expect a 15% email revenue boost if you don't have an existing email system set up

Month 2

Subscribers will be getting regular emails from you. Your email system is "warming" and metrics will be available.

Email List Segmentation
• We'll start segmenting your email lists to more personalized groups. Some factors we look into include location, interests, engagement level, type of customer, and more.

Personalized Flows Setup
• Now that we understand your audience, we'll create different audience segments and add personalization elements to your email campaigns. Why is personalization so effective? It's been shown to boost conversions, average order value, upsell/cross-sell and subscriber retention.

Refined Campaigns
• Now that subscribers are in the habit of receiving your emails, we'll continually A/B test your emails.

Expect a 5 - 10% increase in revenue with significant increases in email engagement

Month 3

Continuation of your email campaigns
• Like month 1 and 2, we'll still continue crafting email campaigns for you that matter - whether a sale is coming up, or you need a Black Friday holiday campaign.

Highly Targeted Flows Setup
• After analyzing your customers purchase data for the past 2 months, we'll strategize methods to engage your most loyal customers and create email campaigns to provide the most value to them so they'll keep coming back to your brand.
• We'll also refine the flows from before based on our observations.

Additional Growth Areas
• We'll strategize and test areas of opportunity for your email campaigns.

Email Deliverability
• At this point, after months of sending out emails, pruning inactive subscribers, and increasing open rates through highly engaging emails, your email deliverability will be excellent!

You should expect another 5% increase in revenue from email. At this point, email should start becoming a regular channel for your customers to make purchases.

Month 4+

Even More Personalized Content for your Subscribers
• Personalized content just works! At this point, we'll be sending highly personalized emails to your subscribers. We know what works for each segment based on continuous A/B testing and reviewing email performance metrics.

Rock Solid Campaigns
• At this point, every email campaign should generate significant sales and increase customer loyalty.

Additional Growth Areas
• We'll strategize and test areas of opportunity for your email campaigns.

Unbelievable Growth
• We've made it! In 4 months, we've grown your emails and set up a system to earn a significant portion of your revenue from email. Our personal goal is to get 50% of your revenue from email, sounds tough right? Well, we hold ourselves to high standards. At this point, we'll keep creating quality, personalized campaigns for your email subscribers so you can enjoy steady growth.

If you sell online, we're your one stop shop for email marketing.

Done-for-you Email Plan
Earn 20% of your total revenue through email marketing after 4 months, guaranteed.
$999/ month
We also do restaurant email marketing

Expertise on Hand, Always

Need a meeting to go over a new campaign strategy?  Our experts will always be there and involved in your marketing process.

We set up your platform and automation drip campaign strategy

30-day Free Trial

We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with our services or get a full refund within 30 days.

Professional email plans with conversion copywriting and email designer

Conversion Copywriting

Our conversion copywriters work closely with designers to produce compelling emails that align with your brand's aesthetic.

Professional email plans with conversion copywriting and email designer

Branded and Beautiful Designs

Every email is professionally designed and branded with your aesthetic, and ultimately catered for your primary audience.

Our emails can fuel your small business growth

Skyrocketed Growth

Create a connection with your audiences through email, which will build loyal customers and boost your profits!

Email marketing for financial services. Yep, we do that!

Done-for-you on Klaviyo

In email marketing, Klaviyo is king. With its advanced segmentation software, we consistently achieve 25%+ total email revenue for our clients.

Don't let that klaviyo pricing go to waste!

Monthly Metric Reports

Have peace of mind with monthly reports on your KPIs (open rates, click rates, and conversion rates).

Cancel Anytime | No Contract
Our email plan comes loaded with features

Don't worry about being locked in. Our plans have no contract. Let us know at any time and your subscription will terminate at the end of your billing cycle. No questions asked.

1 task at a time
Our email plan comes loaded with features

You may request as many emails as you'd like. Each request counts as a single task, which gets processed one at a time. Turnaround time for each task is 4 days.

Conversion Copy
Our email plan comes loaded with features

An experienced conversion copywriter will write messages that sell.

Branded Designs
Our email plan comes loaded with features

Our email designer will make your product images and services beautiful, responsive, and closely follow your brand's aesthetic.

Responsive Design
Our email plan comes loaded with features

Our emails are designed to work on any device. A professional designer will also make your products and services amazing.

Compliance To Laws And Regulations
Our email plan comes loaded with features

Know that your emails will be following email regulation laws such as CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR. Our experts are always updated on the ever changing rules.

No-Risk, Money Back Guarantee
Our email plan comes loaded with features

Not happy after you've received your first delivered email from us? We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. We want you to be thrilled about your emails, no matter what.

Unlimited Free Revisions
Our email plan comes loaded with features

Don't like the email design or copywriting? Have us revise your emails as many times as you'd like, free of charge!

We do email marketing for all industries, B2B or B2C
Food & Beverage
Consumer Goods
Fitness & Education
Health & Wellness

Testimonials from Happy Clients

We've had success with our clients digital marketing strategyWe've had success with our clients digital marketing strategyWe've had success with our clients digital marketing strategyWe've had success with our clients digital marketing strategyWe've had success with our clients digital marketing strategy

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Zach Katz, Founder of Framed Tweets
John Thomas,
Co-Founder of Contentfly
"I wish I discovered Grab Digital earlier. I needed an email marketing agency to establish my workflows. They're affordable, quick, and their customer service is impeccable. I learned how incredibly effective email marketing can be after seeing the growth they brought for my business."
Dayeon Chung,
Marketing Director @ Easyhello
"We've struggled with email marketing. Thanks to Grab Digital, we were able to double down on our most loyal customers."