Why Should I Do Email Marketing?

Why should I do email marketing
April 7, 2020


What's the point of email marketing? Why the heck should I care? (Here are just a few reasons why you should, like 95% of other businesses.)

Email Marketing is a highly effective strategy for generating a bigger customer base, creating loyalty with your existing subscribers, and increasing your sales. 

In fact, studies show that for every single dollar spent on your email marketing campaign, you can get up to $44 as your ROI  - that’s a 4400% return. 

Done right, email marketing can significantly boost your customer interactions, tell your story in an effective way, and significantly increase your signups and sales. 

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It’s a cheaper, more direct way of relating to your audience without straight-up ads. Ads have their place in marketing, but with emails you can speak straight to the people who have opted-in to hear more from you. 

After all, any subscriber is on your list because they want whatever it is you’re offering. 

Lionel Gorski, marketing guru from EduGeeks Club, confirms this: “Through email, you’re sending promotional messages that are honest and direct. You’re trying to sell something and the recipient knows that. They subscribed because they want to get such messages from you. So if they like your offer, they will go and get the product or service. When you compare it to social media promotion, this is a much more honest and reliable way to promote a business.”

With email marketing, you can get nice and personal with your audience. By doing things like segmenting your list of subscribers, and targeting specific emails to smaller groups from your audience, you’ll create a better experience for them of your business. In fact, these targeted emails are likely to account for a large percentage of your earnings. 

Plus, you don’t even have to go all out on sales with your emails. They could, and should, also provide valuable content for your readers. 

After all, they signed up to get more of whatever it is that you offer. So whether you’re writing to tell your story, or inspire, or advise or instruct, use your emails to give that to your subscribers. 

This creates a relationship between your customers and your business, which means the more of your content they see and consume, the more likely they are to feel trust towards you. 

This leads them to turn to you when they want what you’re selling, because of the alliance you’ve created. They feel a real sense of belonging or identity with your brand when you’ve won them over with emails. It’s the fastest, most intimate way into your customers’ lives. 

A study from Sleeknote performed in 2019 shows that 91% of shoppers want to hear from companies they do businesses with via email. So don’t be shy - your customers actually want to hear about what you have to offer! 

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How do your customers react when receiving your emails?

Many small businesses feel they don’t know where to start, or how to build a list of prospects for their emails. And fair enough - it’s a daunting task. 

That’s why so many companies and businesses outsource this task to professionals who can produce results with email campaigns for them. And often this work pays for itself - another study shows that the average ROI from email marketing alone is a whopping 122%. That’s more than four times higher than any other digital marketing format. 

Email marketing allows you to strengthen your voice as a business, develop a recognizable tone and style that’s engaging for your prospects, and gives you a big advantage over competitors. 

Without email marketing, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. There’s a reason it’s the number one way for small businesses to significantly grow their audience. And email marketing is the best way to get a list full of real prospects - people who are actually likely to buy from you again and again. 

After all, a massive part of marketing is making sure your message is meeting the right ears. A survey conducted in 2017 showed that 62% of small business owners missed their targets with Facebook advertising.

Social media presence is certainly important, but email is nearly 40 times more effective than social channels in helping brands acquire new customers. And the bigger your customer base, the more sales you’ll make. It’s pretty simple math. 

So if you’re not up and running with email marketing yet, don’t fret. There are various tactics to grow your list quickly, and myriad ways to create high-converting campaigns. However, if you’re busy running your business and want someone else to do it, we can help

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