About Us

If there's one thing you should know, our team and clients always share one core ethos: to leave the world a greener place than we found it.

Meet the Team

Jasper S.


In an attempt to make use of his English degree, Jasper began working as a copywriter for an email marketing agency. He loved it, but felt a deep need to serve clients in his own way. Every client is precious to him, and he feels incredibly grateful to have a team of hard-working experts who love working with sustainable businesses.

When he's not busy working on Grab Digital, you'll find him playing cello, traveling, cooking, and working out.

Jasper has extensive experience in the email marketing industry for dental, doctor, health services, financial services and insurance industry

Our Mission

To grow sustainable businesses with email.

We promise to deliver data-driven, tested, proven, innovative and beautifully crafted emails to your customers.

After all, your customers are our customers. We've been growing businesses with email marketing for years, and we're great at it. We're always looking for new ways to expand our email marketing capabilities and make ambitious businesses become more competitive in their pursuit of acquiring customers, both old and new.

Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

Email marketing straight from the rust belt. We know our Toledo's not a glamorous place, but we love it here. If you look closely, there's shine underneath the rust.

We're proud of delivering great email marketing while leveraging new developments in automation techniques and platforms to promote internal efficiency and quality... Which is just our fancy way of saying "our stuff works, and it works well."

We've chosen to focus mainly on email marketing for businesses we genuinely care about, rather than diversifying and being the jack of all trades (and masters of none). We'd rather hone in our craft of email marketing for sustainable eCommerce businesses.

Let's get down to bisignes

Before modern English, the Old English word for business was bisignes.

The definition? “Anxiety.”

It's hard to get a breather you're constantly juggling ten tasks—email marketing being one of them for many business owners. We know what it's like, we've dabbled in small business before and it's not easy. Growth is always one of the most difficult tasks.

Now, we help businesses set up high-performing emails that increase email marketing revenue by 40%+.

You can finally relax while your new email flows tirelessly to connect and convert your audiences until the end of time. (Take that, anxiety!)
We founded Grab Digital with that in mind.

That's enough about us... We'd love to know about you!

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