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Email Marketing Terminology
Email Campaign, Flow, Broadcast, and Autoresponder. What's the Difference?

Email marketing terms can be confusing if you're new. Here's how to differentiate between some of the common lingo thrown around.

Top 3 Reasons for Email Marketing in 2021
Top 3 Reasons Email Marketing Marketing is the Best Marketing Channel for eCommerce Businesses

Email broadcasts are far more effective at creating a form of connection with your users. You should be treating these users as your friends and creating a long-term customer journey. In the long run you're going to see incredible results.

Every Store Owner Should Know About Email Marketing
Every Store Owner's Intro To Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most direct form of marketing. The goal of email marketing is to establish a relationship that will ultimately lead to a strong bond with your customer. Connect with your customers by sharing what you're passionate about to grow a loyal customer base.

Email marketing is easy to get started
How To Start Email Marketing in 2021

Email Marketing is simple to set up and has the greatest return on investment. We'll teach exactly how to get started with the latest email marketing techniques for 2021.

7 Email Marketing KPIs
7 Key Email Marketing KPIs to look out for eCommerce business growth

Here are 7 email marketing KPIs you can investigate today to grow your business through email marketing

5 Most Common Questions on Email Makreting
Most Common Email Marketing Questions From Reddit, Quora, and Facebook

Hundreds of questions about email marketing are asked everyday on social media channels. Here are 5 questions we've noticed occur again and again.

Email User Experience UX and User interface UI Best Practices
Email UX Best Practices

UX and UI are essential to creating great emails. They solve different objectives, but are principled on a user-centric perspective.

Shopify has just announced a new email marketing platform
Shopify Email Review

Shopify's email marketing feature isn't trying to take on Klaviyo or Mailchimp, and that's okay.

Photo of a man wearing a mask in Hong Kong. Accreditation to
The coronavirus lockdown is shifting digital marketing

The coronavirus will require you to shift your digital strategy. Although many businesses are experiencing a downturn in revenue, now's the time to adjust your marketing budget rather than axe it.

Email Marketing Facing Adversity due to European Union Regulations
Emails Marketing is Thriving Despite New Regulations

Despite recent regulations by the European Union to further regulate emails, email marketing is actually growing.