Emails Marketing is Thriving Despite New Regulations

Email Marketing Facing Adversity due to European Union Regulations
March 10, 2020


Despite recent regulations by the European Union to further regulate emails, email marketing is actually growing.

“Email marketing is dying.” Mainstream news outlets have been leading us on. Well, most of us. 

You may have heard of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. And while you were on the toilet, you probably ignored the “Privacy Policy” email that popped up from what seemed like every company this past year.

Email marketing is very much alive

The truth is, despite the European Union’s best effort to hinder the efforts of email marketers - email marketing is thriving. 

In fact, we see that overall investment into email marketing is increasing through indirect streams such as big data. An increasingly big role of analytics in email marketing is driving investment up. 

So, if you think the GDPR will roast the email marketing industry, think again. Actually, the European Union should just hire Ricky Gervais. He’s pretty good at roasting.

The benefits of email marketing are just too good. Yes!!! People actually like emails … for those over the age of consent.

Emails are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Actually…. you can replace “chocolates” with anything

Emails are like going to a pet shelter…. wait … let’s not go there.

It’s fascinating that email marketing is still around. We’ve had AOL, Hotmail and other ESP’s, but yet, people still cling to email. The cellphone’s been reinvented a few times, mp3 players are extinct, but the act of checking your inbox and reading an email has still been around for more than two decades.

The business perspective to why emails are great

1. It’s relatively affordable

Tools such as Klaviyo and Mailchimp are extremely affordable for small to medium sized businesses. For 5000 email sends, it’s only $100 to manage your drip campaign. Additionally, those tools come with a suite of features such as automation and analytics to help manage your business.

2. It’s easy to implement

These tools were built from the perspective of business owners. That is, people who want email marketing done without actually understanding email marketing, especially when it comes to compliance. By the way, If you’re looking for no hassle email marketing done right, check out

3. It can promise a high rate of return

An $1 average spend on email marketing equates to $32 in revenue. For small to medium sized businesses who must choose which marketing channels to invest, email marketing can promise dynamic returns.

From the consumer perspective

1. It’s professional and separates us from our personal lives

Unfortunately, neither Facebook or Snapchat have found a way to make sliding into your DM’s professional. 

On the other hand, when Gmail hands you an email with the subject line, “We were pleased to have you interview with us. We’d …”, you’ve probably had a bigger thrill than the latter part of Frank’s marriage after his mid-life crisis.

There’s something about the simplicity of emails that make it professional. All content can only be articulated by plain-text words.

2. It’s part of our culture

Paper based mail dominated marketing before emails came along. But our culture didn’t change. Rather than checking your mailbox everyday, people just checked their online inbox.

It’s the place we go to for staying up-to-date on our favorite brands, news, job-related information, professional correspondence. Although linked-in has their own messaging system, you’ve probably noticed they also send you an email whenever you receive a message. 

In fact, most of the time, you probably access Linkedin messages through your email. 

We’ll continue checking our inboxes every morning when we wake up, and just before we go to sleep. It’s THAT ingrained into our lives … and we can access it from almost everywhere on the planet with millions of devices.

3. It can be personalized to how people like it

We can personalize gmail or mark messages to spam. See a newsletter you don’t like? Mark it as spam or unsubscribe.  Put emails in folders to quickly save important info or set reminders. Add an event or date to a calendar with a click of the button.

The email inbox has been evolving for the past decade thanks in large part to Google. It’s now more powerful than ever. 


Now it’s true there are many people who get “notification hell” and constant email-checkers have demonstrably higher levels of stress.

But it’s clear that email isn’t going away anytime soon - so if you’re a small-business owner or entrepreneur and thinking what’s the best way to invest money, then give email marketing a try.

Better yet, check us out at where we’ll do all your email marketing for you - so you can worry about your business.

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