Top 3 Reasons Email Marketing Marketing is the Best Marketing Channel for eCommerce Businesses

Top 3 Reasons for Email Marketing in 2021
May 7, 2021


Email broadcasts are far more effective at creating a form of connection with your users. You should be treating these users as your friends and creating a long-term customer journey. In the long run you're going to see incredible results.

Let's go over the top three reasons why I think email marketing is the most effective way to market your company.

That being said, I'm not just here to tell you about my view today; there are a plethora of publications available on the web right now that demonstrate the impact of email marketing, which I'll reference today.

I'd like to start with a short story.

Rogue Industries is one of our very first clients, and they're a manufacturer of high-quality leather goods like wallets and duffles, and some very cool things. You should go check them out if you like, but they've been in business for a long time, and after working with us, they realized they were missing out on a significant portion of their revenue, and we helped them figure out how to get that back.

Within the first three months of working with them, they generated over 30% of their total revenue, so you would imagine the return on investment was incredible for them. Second, we saw a significant increase in the number of customers returning to inquire about their products, deals, releases, and new products, and an overall shift in customer engagement.

I like email because it's more direct and connects with customers, and this brand, with which we're still working, continues to get great results from the work that we've done, which is in part due to the fact that they have an awesome product, which we only help them get in front of their customers and show them exactly what it is that this br

As you can see, the strength of email marketing is undeniable. You'll see a significant increase in customer contact and conversions, so let's get started with the first three reasons why email marketing is so successful.

Reason number one: Emails are the best link between a business and its clients.

To begin with, emails keep consumers informed of what's going on with the market, what's going on with the company, what activities can they be aware of, and what new product launches are coming up. Being at the forefront of your customers' minds through emails will help them always be aware of where you stand and what's available. It's an extremely effective method to help your customers

When looking to buy from a particular brand, over 70 percent of users search in their inbox for a promotion or a bid.

70 percent is a huge number, because if you're not sending emails, a large portion of those users will be looking through their inbox for your company and won't find it, so it's critical that you get started right away so that those many users who look for you will find you and know what's going on. Therefore, 59 percent of respondents say that emails influence their purchase decisions.

Reason number two, compared to other forms of advertising, emails are very personal.

We all know that emails are very personal and they will have your name at the top and address you directly, because when a company sends you a promotional message that has your name, you're much more likely to read it and feel like it's speaking directly to you.

Emails should be delivered at the correct time in a customer's path, which is reason two and a half.

When you drive and see billboards on the side of the road, they are contacting a very broad population. When you see an advertisement pop up, it may be tailored to your specific demographic, but it has little indication as to what stage of the buying cycle you are in. They just send you the ad based on your age, location, or previous interest, but they don't send you the email.

Let's say a user visits the store twice and views a specific product. This behavior indicates that the user is interested, so you can set up an automatic email to be sent to them, either with a video or a picture of how that specific product is used, and then followed up with a special discount for them addressed by name and other personalized methods to tailor the email experience to them.

But you have to get them over the first hump, which is the most difficult part, and emails help you do it very well. That isn't to say that other forms of advertising aren't effective; they certainly are, and many businesses rely on them, but email marketing has a different purpose than just familiarizing or putting a product in front of a large number of users' eyes; it's about getting them to take action.

Reason number three: Emails are seen as trustworthy when they are used as a means of contact rather than advertisement.

So even though consumers differentiate between emails from their personal friends and family and emails from your company, they are all in the same email ecosystem.

In contrast to the massive blast and broadcast from billboards and pop-up adverts on the web to a general population with no kind of personality or personalness and connectedness to the user no form of rapport, emails are much far more effective at creating a form of connection, and so when you send out email broadcasts you can be treating these users as your friends and creating a form of rapport.

I'm willing to bet that you still have some promotional emails in your inbox right now, but if you go to your email inbox and look in the promotions folder or anywhere you see the brands that send you emails, you'll see some beautifully designed emails that address you by name, and even if you didn't follow these emails before, you'll see that they're addressing you by name.

I couldn't express how much I hope you can get started as soon as possible. If you have any concerns, I wrote an ebook to help you get started. You can contact me at at any time. You've made it this far, and I appreciate it!

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